Aims and objectives

Project through: (a) the collection and analyzing of existing good practices in the field of green installations, and through (b) the need analysis in skills required for Geothermal and Solar Installations, will define which skills required in specific jobs within the construction sector.
In this way supports the development of low carbon economy and contributes in the improvement of the matching of skills supply and demand.

The project in order to achieve its objectives and to produce the training materials that its proposing, promotes the synergy and cooperation between participation of all relevant stakeholders in adult education in Europe, business sector, social partners, and public bodies. Partnership involves educational institutions, public sector and Industry.

Project will work within national guidelines and existing protocols, but it will also seek to transform them, by allowing the exchange of best practices and by benchmarking qualifications across Europe. It will identify and establish the transnational recognition of qualifications within the sector. This will help to tailor the education to current national, European and international employment situations, needs and trends. It will also contribute to a unified national vocational system by applying common principles based on social dialogue and international experiences.
By starting a social dialogue, it aims to establish stronger ties between educational systems, communities and work places. Although the sector has considerable importance throughout Europe, this has not been recognised in any EU strategies for the sector.
This project will make original contributions to the qualification framework agenda, the development of vocational training for workers and the transparency and transferability of skills in the sector.