Expected results

The expected project results are the following:


The primary projects result will be a catalogue of skills and qualifications that should be added in the previous training programs, in order to enrich the knowledge of workers in Geothermal and Solar Systems. The benefits of unification of qualifications are a considerable long term impact as they will lead to greater transferability in the workforce and facilitate career development. It can help to reduce the unemployment rate, stimulates economy and regional competitiveness.

The catalogue can be easily adapted to the changing needs and can be used as a teaching, learning aid for training institutions. The involvement of trainers and educational establishments in the development process mean that the results will be embedded within the practices of the nationally specific training systems within the sector.
A short term impact on the sector is the development of transnational standards, recognition of skills appropriate with EQF.
The skills catalogue in long term could become the basis for a certification system for Geothermal and Solar Installations workers. This certification system will only be developed after the completion of this grant. That will guarantee the sustainability of the project beyond the life of the EU funding.


The expected result of the project is the creation of a sectoral network, the Project Network. This will be formally incorporated and will be the official owner of the skills catalogue developed under this grant.
In the long run the project will help to facilitate an intensive cooperation within the plumbers and electricians professional sector in the EU.
The Project Network will be incorporated and will be named the official proprietor of the skills catalogue.
It will license Network members to offer this catalogue nationally. Although initially limited to three countries, it will be our goal once the grant is over to expand the network to include additional partners and countries.