Greece (Applicant co-ordinator)

Chania Chamber of Commerce and Industry – CCIC

CCIC is a Legal Entity of Public Law and is under the supervision of the Ministry of Development. According to Law 3419/2005, the purpose of the CCIC is within the boundaries of the region, "the protection and development of trade, industry, crafts, professions, the service sector and exports, according to the interests and objectives of the national economy, the development and progress of this."

Main activities of CCIC

a. Submits recommendations to the government advisory and consultative status on matters of trade, manufacturing and services sector.

b. issued to members of CCIC certificates of registration and home products, confirming the authenticity of these signatures, records systematically commercial and business customs, provides information to its members and the State on foreign markets, international economic developments.

c. takes the necessary steps for compliance of the General Commercial Registry

d. undertakes the management and industrial free zones, shopping centers, permanent exhibitions and exhibition areas, stations, ports, auction halls, general stores, laboratory analysis and examination of goods.

e. is authorized to constitute non-profit companies with self-management of their resources, including EU funds or revenues from other international organizations in order to develop IT, lifelong education and training, including training and education of its members or third parties in accordance with the provisions of Law 3369/2005

f. conducts seminars and training programs and issues certificates in accordance with the provisions of Law 3369/2005, organizes conferences, seminars and training programs, the performance of those assigned directly to specific persons and provide the relevant certificates, subsidizes their executives and provide professional expertise or experience any form, domestically or abroad. May constitute committees and working groups of members, employees or third parties, and assign qualified personnel studies and other work related purposes.

Contact details:

Address: El. Venizelou str. 4, 73132 Chania, Crete

Tel.: +302821052329

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.