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Sociedad para el Desarrollo Económico de Debabarrena - DEBEGESA

Debegesa, the Development Agency of Lower Deba region (, was created in 1985 and it was one of the first development agencies not only in Spain but also in Europe. Debegesa is a Pubic Limited Company but it is a non-­‐profit-­‐making company financed by public funds, mainly with the contributions from the Towns of the region such as Deba, Eibar, Elgoibar, Mendaro, Mutriku, Soraluze, Ermua and Mallabia.

Debabarrena is a region located in Guipuzkoa, Basque Country (Spain). It has an area of 180,3 km². The industrial sector is the primary activity in the region, and more than the half of the population works in that area. The industrialization was very important until the 21st Century, when sewing machines and bicycles were produced, but since then the metal industry has had a very big importance, together with automovile industry.

Debegesa’s main goal is the sustainable development of the region in environmental related issues, human capital, innovation, business development, town planning, restoration and tourism fields. In recent years, Debegesa has been involved 10 EU Actions being leader in one of them. Furthermore, Debegesa has an equal opportunities and social/labour plan and manages the forum of Equality agents of the region.

DEBEGESA has an experience of almost 30 years managing programs aimed at improving employability and professional profile of the people of the region of Debabarrena. The Agency:

  • Designs and manages diagnosis, research and employment plans.
  • Develops and implements Training Programs to improve employ ability.
  • Provides labour and career guidance.
  • Explores and monitors the labour market for new market niches and adaptability.
  • Designs and develops innovative projects aimed at groups of women and people over 45 years in unemployment.
  • Provides job seeking services for the industrial sectors

Contact details:

Address: Polígono Industrial de Azitain nº3 bis, 20600 Eibar (Gipuzkoa), Spain

Tel.: +34943 820110

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.