Work description

The project tasks will be clustered into work packages:

(WP1): Coordination and project management: will provide efficient management and coordination, tracking key elements such as budget, quality and timeline.

(WP2): Needs analysis in skills required for Geothermal and Solar Installations: will define the skills required of those working in specific jobs within the construction sector in order to support the development of low carbon economy. Putting together such definitions will permit the development of job descriptions, associated lists of green qualifications with transnational transferability, and a list of recommendations for overcoming inequalities.

(WP3): Development of Best Practice Case Studies in Geothermal and Solar Installations using a qualitative sampling methodology such as focus groups or face to face interviewing. The best practices will be collected in a Successful Stories book.

(WP4): Investigation of existing training programs of participating countries in Geothermal and Solar Systems: Through this investigation and based on needs analysis of WP2 and the Successful Stories book of WP3, resulting in a short term a final catalogue of skills and qualifications that could be added in existing and future training programs.

(WP5): Implementation of 2 workshops: representatives from educational institutions, public authorities responsible for green development, constructing companies and the business community among the partners countries will assist aiming to exchange know-how, plan and evaluate the relevant actions in the development of projects outcomes. At the end of the project the 2nd workshop will be used to review the project findings. Media coverage of 2nd workshop will be exploited. The sector currently enjoys a relatively high profile and positive image in the media, and it would be possible to use this to raise the awareness of the project.

(WP6): Monitoring, evaluation and dissemination: aim is to monitor and ensure the successful delivery and the widest possible dissemination of the project objectives, work and outputs.