WP2: Needs analysis in skills for Geothermal and Solar Installations


Objective of WP2 is to provide specific information on the target group’s needs. The need analysis of WP2 will specify what skills and competencies are required to work in specific jobs (plumbers and electricians) in green installations sector. By analyzing the target group it will provide reliable, detailed and up-to-date input for the investigation of training programmes of WP4.

Task 1: Small-scale qualitative research

In WP2, all the partners will search for existing data and statistics related to plumbers and electricians professions and occupational profile from various perspectives. Our intention is to carry out desktop and internet based surveys; using data, statistics derived from professional associations, Industry research and training sector from the partner countries. The needs analyses serve several purposes:

  • identifying the target group’s training needs
  • identifying labour skill needs
  • identifying the regional characteristics of each participating country,
  • furthermore, by providing an insight into the available information on an international level, it gives a base or a starting point for further research

In order to face everyday problems and challenges of green installations workers and to set up priorities, we intend to include end-users (companies and employers involved in green plants, specifically in geothermal and solar installations) in this needs analysis. There will be 15-20 questionnaires distributed in each country. As a result of the available resources, we will be able to make a comparative analysis and identify the qualifications and skills required in geothermal and solar installations for the professions of plumbers and electricians, as well as, to identify the geographical characteristics of each participating country.

Task 2: Feedback analyses

The secondary sources and the results of the research will be collected, analyzed and evaluated by the WP leader. The results will be published on the project homepage and will be disseminated in interest parties and end - users.