WP3: Development of Best Practice Case Studies


WP3 aims to develop Best Practice Case Studies using a qualitative sampling methodology such as focus groups or face to face interviewing. Main objectives of this WP are to identify Best Practice Case Studies in each country, to design a template for information gathering, and to present up to 15 - 20 cases amongst the partner countries.

Task 1: Definition of Best Practice Case Study Methodology The first step will be to distil the research of WP2 into a set of focal points for the development of the Case Study guidelines and to define the sampling and segmentation criteria for selection of the best practices. Under this task will be identified a comparable sample and the relevant groups to survey in each country, and will be also developed the criteria that represents international best practice.

Task 2: Produce a template/example of a Case Study With the weighting of the methodology of the Best Practice Case study in place, the template of a Case Study for all partners can then be designed. The template should be adapted and localized templates to local context and culture.

Task 3: Best Case Studies collection and publication In this task partners will select experts in geothermal and solar organizations/ enterprises/ training centers for the implementation of the case studies using the methodology and the template produced in tasks 1 and 2. Partners should report on a minimum of 5 best case studies in geothermal and solar installations and after should send back their reports to contributors/ organizations that were selected to carry out the case studies in order to ensure that the information has been correctly interpreted. Partners should then provide feedback to WP leader and relating to additional areas of research from comments received by the experts and supporters. At the end, WP leader will collect all Best Practice Cases from all consortium partners; will oversee overall editing of case studies for consistency and transparency, and CCIC will then proceed with the publication of the Successful book stories.