WP4: Investigation of existing training programs in Geothermal & Solar Systems


Review of existing training programmes and data providing a framework of analysis for training needs in Geothermal & Solar Installations each participating country.

Task 1: Background research on existing training programmes in geothermal & solar installations 

In WP4 all the partners will search for existing training programmes on geothermal and solar systems in the training curriculum's and educational systems of their country. Our intention is to carry out desktop and internet based research, using data, elements, and statistics derived from public educational assessment institutions, public and private educational institutions, Ministry of education, and other national and regional educational bodies. The research serves several purposes:

  • Research and study on existing training's programmes on geothermal and solar systems,
  • identifying the regional/ cultural characteristics of each participating country in accordance with the kind of green installations systems that being applied,
  • furthermore, by providing an insight into the available information on an­ international level, it gives a base or a starting point for further research.

Task 2: Feedback analyses

The results of the research will be analyzed and evaluated by the WP leader and the expert team of the project - consisting by experts in green installations and educational staff. The research results will be spread out to the public, and published on the project homepage.