WP5: Organization of International Workshops


The purpose of this work package is to test the formerly developed project materials and to provide feedback to previous work packages. This is aimed to achieve with the participation in the workshops of businesses elaborating in Geothermy and Solar Systems, professionals in the field, educational authorities, training centers, representatives from professional chambers, business community and interested parties at a national and EU level.

Description of work

Task 1: Preparation of the International Workshops

The project aims to implement two international workshops:

1. in Spain; preparation on month 6,
2. in Greece; preparation on month 11

All partners will participate in the International workshops and will be engaged to invite delegates both from the Green installations and training sectors. The workshops will include contributions from representatives of the practitioners in the sector and of local authorities.

Task 2: Implementation of the International Workshops

The International Workshops that the projects seeks to carry out will be implemented:

1. in Spain on month 7
2. in Greece on month 12

Media coverage of the International Workshops and general sources can also be exploited. The sector enjoys a relatively high profile and positive image in the media. Journalists will be invited to participate in events and at the workshops of the project.